AAEAAQAAAAAAAAz0AAAAJDA3YTkyZWFkLTJjMzItNDIzZC1iMWI4LTQ0OGY2NjY5ZWFjMQAlan is one of the few true professionals that I had a chance to work with. Working with Alan has learned a lot about training and work with people not only on sales and customer relation topics but also in working with people and training in general.
His dedication and positive attitude inspired me as a new trainer to continue to improve my personal knowledge and skills.
Alan’s unselfish and open style of coaching and mentoring along with a friendly attitude I had a pleasure to experience not only in Macedonia but also in Croatia where I attended several training workshops and working visits.
Looking forward to any future opportunity for any professional or personal cooperation with Alan.

For any questions, you may have, feel free to contact me.

Zoran Stankovski – Front office coach at EVN Macedonia

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