Sales & soft selling skills


Being well familiar with the typology of buyers as well as with the buying process, even only as the basic skill, will have multiple benefits in the future.


Investing in your own sales skills or in the ones of your employees is the profit, not the cost, as being perceived by the majority of current employers or sales representatives in Croatia. That is not the case.

Advanced linguistic patterns are used in complex sales opportunities and situations. In the later stages of development respective of sales representatives, more emphasis will be put on the development of personal world-view and competences.

Consultative selling presents how selling representatives think as well as their proper behavior in particular situations, business or private. Mastering the buying and selling techniques, being aware of one’s level of competence, along with an adequate way of thinking results, overall, in synergy effect.  

Highly profitable, both for the selling representative and for the employer.

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