Helping others to achieve their business growth by sharing my own know-how is what I do. 

I am a specialist in business education & a sales coach with years of experience in presentation techniques, business communication, and sales soft skills.

  • 15+ years of international Telco/ICT market experience – B2B and B2C – 10 years as an internal trainer in a 1300+ employees multinational leading telco company
  • certified Microsoft O365 trainer
  • coordinated a part of multi-international telco greenfield projects
  • developed and implemented training plans, certifications, and knowledge exchange in a corporative environment
  • conducted in person on-job coaching nationwide for several years in a row with a 6 % sales increase
  • provided tech support at the national level for several projects
  • handled a team of 6 colleagues with a 100% target realization
  • conducted 800+ workshops and business training so far
  • application of the neuro-linguistic programming in everyday business as well as in private situations.

The following pages will offer you information on my scope of work, interest, and competencies.

Feel free to contact me.

Thank you!   🙂


Learning is like rowing upstream. As soon as it stops, you´ll be moving backwards.

                                                       (Lao Tzu)


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