Developing and managing sales teams



Some team members may not always be at the same stage of development.


And often they are not. We might not want them to be equal. Whatever is the case, we need to know them well.  Only by knowing them, we have the knowledge how and where to give each team member particular tasks and what level of support and supervision will be required.

To know how to delegate the task to more experienced individuals, not making them feel undervalued at the same time, is the skill that all team members must handle well.

Motivating colleagues seems simple, but only at a first glance. By identifying individual triggers of behavior, we may affect the overall team production in a positive way.

Less experienced sales team leaders, when motivating the whole team or individual employees, either do not manage it well or even get the opposite effect than desired. By using advanced language patterns and being well familiar with the developmental stages of selling representatives in a team, better motivation of a whole team is achieved resulting in a more positive atmosphere and overall team results.

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